Are you representative of a business looking to try to see how you can help, or rather looking for someone to employ?

We have received multiple companies and even federal government agencies looking to employ our members, but regardless we have far more members than positions available!

  • In the 2013-2014 year, we had 62 active CyberPatriot participants
  • Marshall Academy routinely allows their students to both entertain job shadows and internships
  • Both the academy and the club welcome these internships and job shadows
  • Personally, I h ave taken an internship and 4 job shadows this year through the Academy and Cyber
  • This link is available if you want to do it through the academy program, of which just about all members are a part of but not all academy students are cyber kids: Form
  • To do it through the club contact us through the “Contact” form in the site and you’ll be forwarded to the appropriate person(s) ASAP
  • Please realize we do have an in-person system on the home page to schedule a meeting
  • Academy is all about career paths and realizing your career and life goals
  • The above bullet combined with the fact that we have plenty of hard working, extremely well educated and qualified workers in the club means you get a nice crop of applicants

Contact us today!